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Our Philosophy
La Pause Gourmande Café

“Enjoy the little things & have a tasty break”

The philosophy behind the Café is to source ingredients from local organic farms, which allows to keep the highest standards of quality. We offer different tasty dishes for everyone, just like at home!

The aim is not only to serve better tasting food but also more nutritious and natural food for the body.
The famous smoothies and juices are all vitamin-packed, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables, organic super foods and homemade nut milks.

We believe in the refinement of simplicity and in the joy of giving the best of ourselves in everything. We want to give you all the attention you deserve, with a multitude of flavors that sparkle in the plates. This is our definition of “An Oasis of Pleasure”… A “French Oasis of Pleasure”!

At any time of the day, the perfect place for a break is La Pause Gourmande.
You will appreciate what makes us unique: simplicity of hospitality, warmth of the place, attentive service, flavor of the dish.

We want to make sure your visit to La Pause Gourmande Café is a unique experience.

Wonderful team
Unique atmosphere
Quality & Originality
Freshly made
Healthy ingredients
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