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"Un parfum d'aventure et de poésie s'évade à l'infini de chaque tasse de thé Mariage Frères"
"A perfume of adventure and poetry escapes to the infinity from each cup of tea Mariage Frères"

Only few know that Mariage Frères Tea is the best tea in the world.

At La Pause Gourmande, we are very proud to present this famous tea. As well as being incredibly creative when it comes to tea, Mariage Frères is also the oldest tea house in Paris, with over 400 years experience and know-how.
With over 500 varieties, we choose the widest range. There are morning, afternoon and evening blends with elegant names and with complex flavors. Then there are flavored teas which come in classic varieties of jasmine or Earl Grey, fancy flavors that come from fruits, plants, roots and flowers, and the sublime flavored blends that are unrivaled in the world.
Mariage Frères’ overwhelming success is a mysterious blend that will take you to distant lands and unforeseen territories. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

Yemeni chai (tea), one of the most consumed beverages in the Gulf

Yemeni chai has gained a wealth of popularity within western cultures, and worked its way into the cafes.
It is traditionally made with spices, the spice mixture used is called Khalta and condensed milk. The practice is passed down through the generations.Yemeni chai is consumed first thing in the morning, to help get the body’s metabolism in gear, and in the afternoon.
The way we prepare it at La Pause Gourmande is exactly the way Houda's grand-mother and mother use to make it, strong and creamy at the same time, with an aromatic note.

A journey to Morocco

At any hour of the day, you can consume our Moroccan mint tea. Much more than a drink, Moroccan tea delights all senses. Papillae and nostrils are drunk with its perfume, while the music of the foaming liquid, poured from above, charms the hearing.
The beauty of the gesture and the shimmering color of the amber syrup complete this journey of the senses, for the pleasure of the eyes...

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