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"I never laugh until I've had my coffee" – Clark Gable

At La Pause Gourmande Café, we love coffee and we wanted to have the best for our clients.
We choose Raw Organic Coffee because they are sourcing premium green beans from around the world. The farmers and their families growing their coffee are treated fairly and can eke out a sustainable living. It’s also about the support and training they can give to the baristas.
By the way, do you know that all our baristas have been trained at The Raw Coffee Company?

Beside Raw Organic Coffee, we also serve Arabic Coffee.
It is no wonder that coffee holds such a central place in our culture, as coffee originated in the Middle East, starting in Yemen and working its way to Egypt, then the Ottoman Empire, then through the rest of the Levant. In fact, the English word coffee comes from the Arabic word for coffee, qahwah.

"My best moments are drinking coffee with my mother. She is my favorite coffee partner, but an old spirit. She taught me the art of sipping qahwah, a bonding moment between the host and the guests. Of course, she transmitted me her recipe, and I will transmit it at my turn to my daughter, and this is how secrets are jealously guarded and life goes on."
– Houda C., founder and owner of La Pause Gourmande Café

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